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Visas, work permit and immigration to Norway

Having a good and reliable partner during this process is a smart choice.

What is required to work in Norway?

You have just found the best candidate for the position and the key questions are: What are the visa requirements in Norway and how do we proceed? Which type of visa or work permit is needed? How long does it take and how much does it cost? The list of questions is long, and the answers are not always so easy to find – or understand.

Non-EU citizens / EU citizens

Depending on the nationality of your new employee the answers to the above questions may not be the same. Each candidate often requires different solutions; one size does not fit all. EU citizens are required to register online whereas non-EU citizens must apply in advance. The processes of the immigration authorities can be very time consuming when one is not familiar with the system and how it works.

Accompanying family

The process for the relocating employee is different from that of the family. Assistance through r2n ensures that the whole family can arrive together and start their new life in Norway together. We also offer special family services.

Ensure compliance

Laws and regulations in this area change rapidly and staying updated is a must. By choosing r2n as your provider you can relax knowing that we are updated and know the latest regulations. We work closely with the authorities to ensure compliance for the employee and the company.

Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing!

The r2n team of professional immigration specialists are ready to guide and accompany you through the whole process of obtaining the correct permit. We take the stress away and allow you to focus on what you are best at.

For HR, the r2n Visa and Immigration service gives you the security of knowing that we handle the whole process on your behalf. We advise and guide you, knowing the support you need is just a call away. Complemented by the fact that you know that all employees receive the same high level of good quality service.

For job recruiters r2n can advise you on the needs of your new candidate. How soon can they start working? This will allow you to calculate a realistic timeline.

When relocating from abroad – Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing!

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