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Settling In Services

Settling in Services organises the fundamental practical things necessary when new to a country. With professional assistance from r2n you can be sure that all necessary practicalities when moving to a new country are handled in a smooth and efficient way.

Apply for tax card, ID number or D-number, online ID

Where to start this process is well explained on the authority webpages, nonetheless the processes can be long and frustrating when unforeseen questions arise. The tax card is required to receive salary and every additional delay can be challenging.

The difference between a D-number and a personal number is not obvious, but what everybody learns very quickly is that nothing functions without it. r2n knows exactly how important this number is in a digital society like Norway and we make sure to clarify the process in advance to reduce the waiting time to a minimum of what is possible.

Health services and social security

It happens to everybody and when the day comes that you need medical assistance, it is good to know the system, how it works and what your rights are. Membership in the National Insurance Scheme is the key to entitlements in the public health care system. What does it mean to have a GP/general practitioner? How to get one or make a change? What are the costs? Do I need a separate insurance and where is the emergency hospital?

r2n can answer these questions with a clear overview and make sure everyone knows what to do in advance so that you are prepared when the day comes.

Opening a bank account

Generally, there are two ways of becoming a bank customer in Norway; with or without online identity. Newcomers will not have access to the required online ID and must therefore chose the option without. The duration of this process is longer, though differs from bank to bank.

r2n offers assistance in finding the best solution and how to open an account as quickly as possible.

Driving in Norway and use of foreign driving licence

Depending on the country of origin, different apply for obtaining a driving licence Norwegian. r2n has the full overview and knows what is required to guide you efficiently through this process.


Each country has variations in their insurance system. Whether you need insurance for your car, your home, travels, or for your pets, r2n is ready to guide and advise you.

Airport Welcome

To give the new employee that special welcome we offer an airport pick up. The employee will be met at the airport upon arrival and taken to their destination as agreed.

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