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Departure Services

At the end of an assignment r2n will handle all practicalities in a professional way so that your employee and the family can focus on their next goal and know that all is dealt with in an expert way. Worry free and easy!

Assistance with comprehensive pre- and post-departure coordination typically includes a combination of the following, based on the employee’s needs and priorities:


  • Notify landlord and coordinate the lease termination
  • Arrange or advise on the disconnection of utilities
  • Provide information on the closure of bank account
  • Arrange or advise on the cancellation of club memberships
  • Provide notice to school(s) of family’s departure
  • Arrange for final cleaning of property

In cooperation with the company or employee and the landlord we make sure to cancel lease agreements on time to avoid unnecessary costs and frustration. We handle the move out cleaning, if required, and assist with inspection and hand-back of property. We assist with disconnection of utilities and providers such as internet and electricity. Also cancellations of subscriptions.


When moving from the country it is mandatory to inform the National registry, the tax authorities and other relevant institutions in a timely manner. We assist throughout the whole process with completing and submitting required forms and to notify change of address with the post office.

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