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Investing in international talent shows the value a diverse workforce can create. Getting the best return on that investment starts with a smooth relocation and an efficient settling in process. Your new employee can then be effective and focused on the work to be done.

Taking care of your investment

r2n knows that finding the right talent can be crucial for the position and related projects. For many organisations having the exact expertise is also a reflection on the quality and reputation of their service or product. So, getting the right employee in place is vital.

  • Using our wide-ranging experience and understanding of relocation we will provide the most efficient solutions to ensure your employee receives the best start.
  • Delivering the crucial services needed to get going and eventually settle in their new city.
  • Taking away the challenges that can frustrate and distract from the doing the job you have employed them for.

You are making an investment and you want to make sure you retain that talent.

Losing an international employee will cost money. Replacing the employee will cost at least 2x the annual salary. Plus, additional costs related to relocation and settling in.

Add to that time, reputation and maybe the loss important customers and you see why providing support at the start will be a huge benefit for all in the long run.

r2n will partner you to help fulfil your business strategy and give the result you need.

How can we do this?

  • Provide a smooth and efficient introduction to Norway
  • Give the right assistance for a quick start
  • Professional support to ensure long term “satisfaction”

A Happy employee is a profitable employee!


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