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I am an RMC representative

You have a responsibility to your clients to provide the most effective, professional, and seamless relocation for their employees. r2n fully understands that.

Respecting your standards

As a global organisation your standards must be evident wherever in the world you operate. In just the same way as the global clients you represent.

High ethical principles are expected and complete compliance to local and national regulations are standard. We continually monitor and evaluate our procedures, policies, and protocols to make sure we maintain the highest level of service.

Our many years of working with Relocation Management Companies means that we know what is important for the best working relationship to ensure successful relocation services.

r2n delivers a global standard while maintaining the important local touch. Taking the best care of your valued clients.

As your local partner we always work according to your standards. Making a time-critical schedule run smoothly. Making complex issues, trouble-fee. Making sure a defined budget is respected. We appreciate the importance of these commitments.

r2n provides first-class local support for global partners.

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