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I am an HR or mobility professional

The right candidate has been selected. Now the work begins to prepare and relocate your new employee.

  • As the first point of contact in this process, you, the HR professional have the task of creating the important first impression of the organisation. Showing the employee that their new employer is organised, supportive, prepared, and professional.

  • Having a good onboarding routine in place will help to smooth that process although the “to do” list for a comprehensive onboarding can be long. However, if the process is shared it can be achieved efficiently and with greater ease.

  • You are the expert for your organisation. You know what needs to be in place so that the employee feels welcome and prepared to effectively start working.

  • We know what the employee needs to feel welcome in their new country. Organised and resourceful guidance/support through the necessary practicalities to establish themselves in their new location. Together we can ensure employee satisfaction and long-term retention.

  • Continued support is crucial for a smooth transition. We take the worry out of, what can be, a challenging process. Local registration, orientation, understanding local procedures can be frustrating without a helpful guide. If moving a family, information about facilities and related support will help to ease the minds of all concerned.

r2n's expertise promotes your company brand. As a part of your Mobility policy, you know that all new employees will receive a consistent level of support that you decide, and you can depend upon. 

We approach our support by finding the right solution for you. Listening to what you want and hearing what you need.  A well organised relocation requires a good team, so we work with you to ensure the best possible service for your new employee. Giving them a complete onboarding experience. And giving you, peace of mind.

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