I am a Relocating employee

Planning to start a new and exciting position in Norway? Congratulations!

Now you must get getting going……

Relocation does not need to be scary. In fact, it can become a great adventure with the right advice and support. Knowing what must be done, when and in which order can eliminate a huge amount of frustration.

You probably have many questions at this time and need some answers before you can move forward. We can help.

Companies today offer a variety of Mobility packages. You may have received a lump sum or a direct billing package. This will give you the freedom to decide what support you would like to have. Although, knowing what support is best to have is not always easy.

  • An open and sympathetic introduction to your new city will give you confidence to move forward with your decision.

  • Understanding the practical necessities that need to be addressed will remove frustration.

  • Receiving clear guidance on local procedures and facilities will save time.

The combined affect will be a smooth transition for you and family members who may be joining on your new journey.

You are embarking on a fantastic life change and it will be important that you make a good first impression and are focused when you start your new job. Although it can be difficult to be 100% focused while dealing with the logistics of the move. 

  • r2n will help you to navigate the important initial processes
  • We have extensive personal and practical knowledge of relocation
  • We will work with you to make sure you have the best introduction to, and continued enjoyment of, your new home city.

Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing!

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As a Full Member of EuRA – European Relocation Association – r2n offers a highly professional service with access to an international network of first-rate relocation partners, underling our total commitment to quality.

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